The Nikon D850.

The wait is over and I finally have mine. You've all read the reviews right? Everyone has. If you haven't, click here. Yah. This thing is amazing.


I wouldn't call it a game changer, but I do think it signals Nikon is not going down without a fight. They know competition has been on the rise, and have set the bar higher than ever. Just to recap:

  • 46MP Sensor with BSI Technology
  • 7FPS, 9FPS with battery grip
  • 4K Full-Frame Video
  • 1800+ shots on a single battery
  • Tilty-Flippy screen
  • Huge viewfinder


I preordered mine through my contact at Henry's in Newmarket on August 25th, and picked it up on September 19th. About 3 1/2 weeks. Not bad! It felt like an eternity, and some of the forums were suggesting it would take another month or two to fulfill all the backorders. Well don't I feel lucky!


The first thing I noticed about the camera was how much deeper the grip is. I personally love this extra depth, as it adds a measure of confidence that it won't slip out of my sweaty hands.


The next thing that really impressed me was the viewfinder. 0.75x isn't all that big of a jump from the D810's 0.70x, but it really is noticeable!


One thing that is a godsend from Nikon, is the consistency between their camera's menu's. It only took me 20 minutes of two-handing a D810 and the D850, item by item, section by section, to get it set up exactly how I like it.


As you can see from my photos, I've already attached a BlackRapid Tripod Plate. Having tried many straps, this is the one for me. Being arca swiss it also connects to my tripod as well. Win!

I forgot to order a DK-19 eyecup beforehand, and it appears this is a hot item now because my order is expected to ship out in mid October. If you haven't tried this eyecup out, you owe it to yourself to do so. It blocks out all of the ambient light around your face, giving you two clear benefits:

  1. You can see through the viewfinder without any glare or distractions.
  2. Less light can enter the camera when taking a photo, reducing the possibility of light contamination.


I've yet to put this camera though it's paces, and I haven't fine-tuned each lens' AF yet. That'll be a project for this weekend.


While taking great photos is arguably 80% the photographer and 20% the gear they employ, I hope it brings confidence to my customers knowing that I use the highest levels of technology available to bring their ideas to fruition.